Producers and Consumers

My first grade class has been studying economics in Social Studies.  To culminate the unit, we had a "Trade Days" with the other first grade classes.  Each class broke into small groups, and planned at least 8 stations where the students would either produce a good to "sell" or provide a service to "sell" to the other classes using fake money.  Students had to make 30 items or keep track and provide a service 30 times before they could be considered "Sold Out".  Some of the services and goods sold in my classroom:
Necklaces made from yarn and beads.

This group of boys decorated plain pieces of paper, then provided a service by teaching classmates how to make paper airplanes!

Bracelets made from pipe cleaners.

"3-D Hearts" made with construction paper, cotton balls, and staples.

This little girl was so excited to be the first student to sell out of a product!

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