Teaching Color Words

Each year, I normally spend some time on the color words in the first few weeks of school.  Most children come to first grade knowing all the colors but only being able to read  few acolor words.  I spend a lot of time having kids practice reading all the color words through a variety of activities.  Worksheets where the children color by color word is always a popular activity, and I like that everyone can be successful--even if you can't read the color word by yourself, you can look at the color word wall to help yourself!  
We read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Bill Martin and then the children "scrap art" the animals.  This is the first time in the school year that I introduce "scrap art" and it can be very difficult for some children to get used to.  When you "scrap art", you are only allowed to use a scissors and glue-no pencils, crayons, markers, etc!  Students need to learn to visualize the final product to be able to cut it out without first drawing it.  After the animals have been created, we interactive write the color words and the animals as a class, paying attention to proper letter formation. 

You can purchase the chevron color words on TPT here: Chevron Color Words

How do you teach color words in your classroom?

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