The Snowy Day

The weather here in Ohio has been crazy this year!  We've already used nine calamity days this year.  In honor of our weather, we have been working on a unit based around the book "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats.  Normally, I just spend about a week working on this story, but this year it has taken me 3 weeks since we've been off so much! 
A cute little craft we do near the beginning of the unit. :)
One of the students' favorite activities is retelling the story using a felt "Peter" that I made with red and brown felt, some cotton balls, brown yarn, and hot glue.  I saw a picture of a Peter like this online somewhere but can't remember where.  Students love to use this Peter, along with some very basic props (a storage tub for a bed, a marker for a stick, etc) to practice their retelling skills.

One of my favorite parts of this unit is to have students write a letter to help make Peter feel better about his melted snowball.  I love reading their cute letters! 

I also take this time to begin to teach the students how to take ideas from a web and then write a paragraph with a beginning, some details, and a closing.  I always find it so difficult to teach children how to give a paragraph a sense of closing.  This year, my class is doing pretty well with it!
If you are familiar with the story, you'll love this paragraph's ending!  It ends the same way as the book does - "into the deep, deep snow."  So cute!


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