Adding and Subtracting Multiples of 10

Earlier this week, I linked up for Wordless Wednesday and posted this picture of one of my students favorite games:

They absolutely love to make "hundred grid puzzles" for each other on their personal whiteboards.  This is where they draw just a part of the hundred chart for a partner and place several "clue numbers" around the board in the appropriate spots.  They love challenging each other and I love this game because it really gets both students playing thinking about +10, -10, +1, and -1 number relationships.
We've been working on adding and subtraction 10 and multiples of 10 for a while in my class.  This  concept tends to either come naturally or be extremely difficult for individual students to master.  There is a new product I created to help students practice adding and subtracting 10 and multiples of 10.  Click on any of the pictures or the link at the bottom of this post to grab your own copy!
I included hundred grid puzzles with and without a hundred chart.
Counting back and forward by 10's.

Fast facts!  I cut these apart and have students use small sand timers (from board games) to see if they can finish the slip before the timer runs out!

Adding multiples of 10-students draw the base 10 blocks to solve.

Subtracting multiples of 10-students cross off base 10 blocks to solve.
This is my first year I used this product and with this extra practice, more of my students have mastered adding 10 and multiples of 10 mentally than any other year!


Wordless Wednesday : No Prep Math Game

I'm linking up with Second Grade Sugar and Spice for my first ever Wordless Wednesday!  I can't be entirely wordless--that just isn't my personality! :)
My first graders have become obsessed with creating "number puzzles" for each other on white boards.  I love it because it gets both students (creator and solver) really thinking about one more, one less, and 10 more and 10 less!  But the real reason why I love it is that there is absolutely NO PREPARATION on my part involved in this game!
Do you have any popular no prep games?  I'm always looking for something new!


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Eagle Watch 2014

One of my favorite units of the year is the American Symbols unit I do in February (around President's Day).  You can check out my post about American Symbol activities in my classroom here.   One of my favorite parts of this unit is watching the Eagle Cam!  Back in February, we started watching the Decorah Eagle Live Stream video on my classroom TV.   (My TV is hooked to one of the student computers).  We keep it up on TV pretty much all day long.  It's been pretty boring for a while...just watching Mom and Dad eagle keep the eggs warm.  Well, in the past week, the students have become obsessed again.  2 eggs have hatched and the 3rd egg is expected to hatch very soon.  It is amazing to watch the eagles take care of the little eaglets and the eaglets are just too cute!  It can get a little gory-currently there is a dead fish and what looks to be a squirrel in the nest, but I talk to the kids about it and they understand that it is part of nature!  Many parents tell me that their children beg to get online to watch the eagle cam at night and on weekends, which means it is a pretty big hit!

Check out these amazing eagles for yourself!

Birthdays in 1st Grade

I think being a first grade teacher means that you will have the best birthday ever!  I came in today to some balloons and flowers from another teacher, a parent sent in cupcakes for me to share, along with cookies and other goodies for my family, as well as my first grade team ordering out for lunch!  And the cute little love notes that students have been giving to me all day make a girl feel pretty special :)  I don't know any other job that gets quite as excited about adult birthdays!