Eagle Watch 2014

One of my favorite units of the year is the American Symbols unit I do in February (around President's Day).  You can check out my post about American Symbol activities in my classroom here.   One of my favorite parts of this unit is watching the Eagle Cam!  Back in February, we started watching the Decorah Eagle Live Stream video on my classroom TV.   (My TV is hooked to one of the student computers).  We keep it up on TV pretty much all day long.  It's been pretty boring for a while...just watching Mom and Dad eagle keep the eggs warm.  Well, in the past week, the students have become obsessed again.  2 eggs have hatched and the 3rd egg is expected to hatch very soon.  It is amazing to watch the eagles take care of the little eaglets and the eaglets are just too cute!  It can get a little gory-currently there is a dead fish and what looks to be a squirrel in the nest, but I talk to the kids about it and they understand that it is part of nature!  Many parents tell me that their children beg to get online to watch the eagle cam at night and on weekends, which means it is a pretty big hit!

Check out these amazing eagles for yourself!

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