Creepy Carrots

Have you read this book?  It might be my favorite book to read in October.  It could be read any time throughout the year, but something about October - the longer nights, the excitement (and spookiness!) of Halloween - makes me feel like I should read this book in October.  The suspense of this book, along with the awesome illustrations, has made it a favorite of my students.  Since we loved it so much, I designed an entire unit around it!

Students made their own "creepy carrots" using only paper, scissors, and glue.  How amazing did these guys turn out????  

We worked a lot with some of the great vocabulary in this book.  Passion, sinister, and approach are just a few of the ones we worked with.  I love this students sentence using the word passion.  I'm right there with you, honey!

We made our own plans to catch the creepy carrots!

Last-and what might have been my students favorite activity - we played "roll a creepy carrot" with the following game board!  It was so funny to see how they all turned out.  

Want this unit (with even more activities than just pictured) for your own classroom?  

Click on the picture below or on the following link: 


Classroom reveal...finally!

Tomorrow is officially our 45th day of school.  Fall parent/teacher conferences are over, Student Learning Objectives have been turned in, Reading Improvement Plans are complete, and I am just now getting around to my classroom reveal.  Better late than never, right?? :)  I really wish my classroom still looked as pristine as these pictures I took the last few peaceful minutes before Open House!

This is the view from the classroom door looking into our room. That beautiful, brand new Smartboard!!  I had to completely rearrange my room this year to make my carpet area in front of the board, but it is so worth it!

I got rid of of my dirty, light blocking curtains this year and replaced them with this cute party garland I found at Target! :)
My teacher area-I just use a student desk as my desk, with a board over top of a plastic storage container to give me a little more space.

My whole group area. Again, I can't stress how wonderful this SmartBoard has been for my teaching so far this year!
My summer pinterest project. :) 

My classroom jobs!  I absolutely love these cute jobs.  They are in my TpT store and come in a huge variety of styles, from chalkboard to chevron to polka dots.  You can check them out here!


7 Habits Post-Its

My school has been a Leader in Me school for several years now.  If you don't know much about Covey's Seven Habits of Happy Kids, you should check it out!

Some years I've done better than other years at really working hard to teach the habits, and this year I am at my wit's end-my class can recite the habits, explain the habits, but don't actually integrate them into their daily lives!  So last week I introduced our "post-it" chart.  I am starting back with Habit #1: Be Proactive.  Each time I observe a student demonstrating this habit, I write down what they were doing on a post-it and they get to put it by their name.  It's a huge deal when someone gets a post-it, everyone claps and congratulations the students.  Once everyone has a post-it, we will have a celebration and will put the post-its in each student's data folder.  I plan on having them write about more ways they can demonstrate that habit at school and home under the post-it.

I'm really hoping this helps my class integrate the habits into their lives! :)  What do you do for character education in your building?