Makeover Madness

Today I'm linking up with the TPT Seller Challenge group started by these fabulous bloggers:


for #makeovermadness.  I'm pretty sure I'm just about the last person to link up this week!  With two little ones at home, my computer time is limited but I managed  not only to completely overhaul one product, but also update my blog and Facebook pages!

What do you think of my new look?  I love it! :)

I chose to update the clipart in my Short Vowel Sorts & Activities product.  This was one of the very first products I made and it sells pretty well.  I desperately needed to update the clipart now that I've spent WAY too much money over the past two years amassing a huge collection of clipart!

I use these cards as center activities (sort by vowel sound) and also in small groups, when I choose just a few cards to quickly sort as a warm up before a guided reading lesson.  Now I have to work on updating the matching long vowel sort product!


  1. We linked up way after you! The new look is very kid-friendly.

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