November Currently

Linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my favorite link up!

Listening: Yes, we are watching the 1:00 browns game at 9:30.  My husband needed to spend some extra time at the office and DVR'd the Browns game.  I don't have the heart to tell him that I know they lost. (Someone posted the score on Facebook).

Loving: My children were HOT MESSES today.  We were out of town visiting my in-laws yesterday/last night so no one slept well last night, combined with the time change, it was a disaster of an afternoon/evening.  Both my children were in bed over an hour early, which meant I got a little bit of extra quiet time tonight!

Thinking: I've been planning a central Ohio TpT meetup for this upcoming Saturday!  I'm hoping it goes smoothly and that it is worthwile for those attending!

Wanting: Daylight Savings Time...just go away!  It was pitch black at 6:00 tonight!

Needing: I'm normally almost finished with my Christmas shopping by now but have only one bought yet this time!  Time to get moving on that Christmas list!

Yummy: My son has SUCH a full bag of Halloween candy...but I must resist eating some of it!!