Initial Sound Sorts

One of those crucial phonemic awareness skills is identifying the beginning sound in a word.  Once students are able to segment and isolate the initial sound, the rest of the word quickly follows.  This quick little no prep center helps students practice this important skill!  

Students can sort the pictures using a mini pocket chart.

I like to have students cut and paste the sorts into a notebook.

Perfect for Kindergarteners or early first grade review!

Grab 19 different initial sound sorts for only $3.00!


Teddy Bear Motivation

How does this teddy bear motivate my students to work hard in Writer's Workshop?  

It's so ridiculously simple that I can't believe it works!  I watch the students as they begin work on Writer's Workshop.  Then, after about 10 minutes, I make a huge production of pretending to have "Barry" whisper the name of the student he wants to sit with the rest of the day.  Barry only wants to sit with students who are making good choices and working hard.  I try to choose as many different students as possible throughout the course of a month.  It's quick, simple, and effective at helping get all students focused and working quickly!  Whichever student gets to sit with the teddy bear also gets a little certificate to take home so they can share their good work with their families!  Click on the picture below to get your own printable copy of the certificate.