Plant and Animal Needs

We learned about the basic needs of plants and animals this week.  We first brainstormed and created graphic organizers for the true basic needs. 
Next, students used a little foldable to record and draw the 4 basic needs of plants.  It is still early in the school year so I found it very informative to see which students were able to follow the folding directions!

Finally, to wrap up the unit, I had each student choose an animal.  We listed them on the board as students made their decisions so there were no repeats!  Students had to scrap art the animal.  Scrap art is one of my favorite art activities - students must use only construction paper, scissors, and glue to make their creation.  No pencils allowed!  After creating the animals, I gave each student a large piece of white paper and told them to draw a background that included each of the animal's basic needs (air, water, space, shelter, and food).  I was amazed at the creativity from some of the children!

I just love the mice this little girl drew as food for the snake!
How cute is that baby turtle following the mama turtle?

The worms sticking out the ground made me smile!

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