Building Leprechaun Traps

Have you ever tried building Leprechaun Traps in your classroom?  If not, it is something you should seriously consider!  I used to dread St. Patrick's Day-the kids were always extra excited (for no reason!) and would spent the day hunting for other kids not wearing green to pinch!  Several years ago, I stumbled across the idea online somewhere to build Leprechaun Traps.  Now it's one of my favorite days of the year!  
I prepare for the big day by sending out a letter to parents several days before St. Patrick's Day asking for a variety of craft items and other items found around the house to use when building our traps.  Then, I read some of the books listed below in the week leading up to the big day. 
When the students arrive at school on St. Patrick's Day, they will discover that a tricky leprechaun has been messing around in our classroom!  I generally do something little in the morning and then sprinkle a few large green sequins on the floor around the room.  If I've prepared the students well enough in advance, they will immediately want to try to build a trap to catch him!  I organize students into groups, spread out all the materials, and just let the students loose!  Depending on the class, I may need to sit down with some groups to create a semi-working trap idea, but other years/groups do better with no guidance.  I do like to mention things that leprechauns like...ways to draw the leprechaun to your trap!  I always say that leprechauns like the color green, rainbows, gold and/other silver (shiny things!) things that remind them of nature, and they don't like to follow the rules-so a sign like "No Leprechauns Allowed" or "Don't Climb the Ladder" just draw leprechauns in!
We have the traps ready for lunch, when we leave the classroom and the room is quiet (therefore increasing the chances the leprechaun will visit!).  Unfortunately, we never catch the tricky leprechaun, but he does leave a note and a treat after lunch.
You can buy my entire packet of "How the Build Leprechaun Traps" for only $2!  You'll get the following worksheets, as well as the parent/family letter, a letter from the leprechaun, some treat ideas, and awards for traps!

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  1. We are definitely going to build some traps next year!!!