American Symbols

I love teaching American Symbols in February!  President's Day is a natural start, but another reason I love doing this unit in February is that Bald Eagles lay their eggs in February!  I show a live stream of the Decorah Eagles on the TV in my room from February through the end of the year.  We watch the eggs get laid, we watch the parents sit on the eggs, then we watch as the babies hatch and grow!  It really inspires the students to learn so much about this important American Symbol!
First graders always get so excited to learn about American Symbols.  We spend at least one day on each symbol, reading a variety of nonfiction texts about each symbol and writing down important facts as a class.
To finish the unit, students choose their favorite American Symbol then work in groups of 2-4 to create a large poster that must include the name of the symbol, what the symbol represents, a large picture of the symbol, and at least 4 facts about the symbol.  Students then practice presenting the poster to their classmates, then to other first grade classes, and our 3rd grade buddy class!

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