New Classroom Job Cards

Check out my new classroom jobs!  I've been wanting to create some cuter classroom job cards for my classroom, and I finally took the time to do them!  I am excited with how they turned out and I think they add a little extra "cute" factor to my classroom.  :)
    My students really take their jobs it helps me out because every thing they can do is one less thing I DON'T have to do!
Student jobs in my classroom include:

Card Monitor (Put lunch cards away to be ready for next day!)
Lunch Assistant (Brings bucket of lunches to the lunch room after announcements)
Calendar Leader (finds the day on the calendar during Morning Meeting each day, leads the class in the days of the week/months of the year songs)
Counter (keeps track of how many days we’ve been at school)
Listening Center Monitor (cleans/organizes the listening center)
Messenger (walks notes, lunch money, etc to the office, brings notes to other teachers if needed)
Trash Engineer (empty the little buckets on our tables for scraps)
Recess Toy Manager (In charge of putting recess toys away neatly)
Electrician (in charge of the lights)
Pledge Leader (Holds the flag during annoucnements & the Pledge of Allegience)
Paper Passer (Passes out papers at seats, by mid-year puts papers in mailboxes)
Weather Reporter (Checks the weather and fills in the chart on our calendar during Morning Meeting)
Technology Assistant (Turns computers on/off at beginning and end of day)
Librarian (Organizes library, makes sure books are in the correct bin)
Chair Monitor (makes sure everyone’s chair is put up at the end of the day)
Art Table Cleaner (Makes sure it is nice and neat at the end of the day)
Vacationing (I'm thinking of changing this next year to Cleaning Crew.  That way, anyone who doesn't have a specific job needs to pick up scraps from the floor!)
Do you have any other jobs that you find helpful in your classroom?

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  1. This is an amazing idea! What a perfect way to help kids experience responsibility, love it. It's really important to help them develop all kinds of skills early on as well as make them understand why this is important. I've seen a lot of interesting tricks and games for little students on this helpful website and it's really impressive. Sadly, some pre-school teachers skip this step and it can have a negative effect in future. You may end up with a talented teenager who is completely unmotivated by any activity, duh.