Wordless Wednesday : No Prep Math Game

I'm linking up with Second Grade Sugar and Spice for my first ever Wordless Wednesday!  I can't be entirely wordless--that just isn't my personality! :)
My first graders have become obsessed with creating "number puzzles" for each other on white boards.  I love it because it gets both students (creator and solver) really thinking about one more, one less, and 10 more and 10 less!  But the real reason why I love it is that there is absolutely NO PREPARATION on my part involved in this game!
Do you have any popular no prep games?  I'm always looking for something new!

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  1. Roll and Record games don't require a recording sheet. Students can write the possible answers on a white board and then tally mark them. So if you are playing Roll and Record: Subtraction and you roll a 12 on a number cube and 3 on a dot cube, you would put a tally next to the number 9 on your white board.