Earth Buddies

Have you ever seen one of these "Earth Buddies" before?  They are essentially homemade Chia Pets!  The 1st grade teacher next door to me has been making these each Earth Day for several years, and I decided to give them a go this year as well!  They turned out so amazing!

First, put a few spoonfuls of grass seed into the foot of a nylon stocking.  I bought the very cheap stockings that come in the tiny little plastic containers for 33 cents a pair at Walmart.  I was able to get 6 Earth Buddies out of a pair of stockings!  

Next, fill the foot of the stocking (on top of the grass seed) with several student sized handfuls of sawdust.  We were able to get 2 large garbage bags of sawdust donated from a local sawmill.  Hold on to the stocking while the student pushes down with his/her fist to stretch the stocking and to pack the sawdust.  Repeat if needed until the Earth Buddy is the size you wish.
Next, use fabric glue to attach googly eyes and a yarn mouth.  Small rubber bands can be used to make a nose and even ears if you wish!  I had students bring in small cans (tuna or cat food sized) for the base.  Too bad I am 8 months pregnant and I could smell the leftover tuna and cat food even in the washed cans!  I wanted to vomit all day!!
Place the Earth Buddy in a well lit spot and water well daily.  Our set up outside the classroom.  The teacher next door is lucky enough to have a set of grow lights that she was able to get when a local company was getting rid of them many years ago!  You can grow these Earth Buddies on a windowsill as well, it just make take a little longer than it did for me!
6 days
9 days-ready for a haircut!  :)
My students think these guys look like the trolls in Frozen.
What types of activities do you do to celebrate Earth Day?



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  2. Do you water it everyday and how much?

    1. Hi, Amanda! I complete submerge it on the first day, then just have my students heavily most them each day!

  3. Did you have to let it sit in water for 24 hours? Or did you just dunk it?