Wordless Wednesday-Sub Plans

Getting ready for a substitute-I have a personal day tomorrow!  Sometimes I feel that it is more work to get ready for a sub than to just go to school.  I fully plan to enjoy my day off, though!

I've been lucky this year and haven't had to take ANY last minute days off where my 3 year old wakes up at 7:00 with a temperature and I need to scramble for last minute sub plans while dealing with a sick child.  I am expecting another baby this summer so I know I'll need to do better with having sub plans ready to go next year.   
How do you handle those days when you need last minute sub plans? 

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  1. Enjoy your day off! I just had to take two this week with the stomach bug...yuck! It's the worst to try and make plans when you feel like death. I have a sub tub stocked with things to do. I just plug in a few specifics for that day and then pull the rest from the tub...it's definitely more work to make sub plans! I hate to say it, but I usually just tough it out.
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