Keeping Apples Fresh

It seems as though almost every primary teacher does an apple unit in the fall - I know I've done an apple theme for years!  I always do the basics-apple tasting/graphing, making applesauce, etc. 
Last week we learned about what a scientist does, but I didn't think my students really understood.  I had been toying with the idea of doing an apple browning experiment when I realized that this was a perfect opportunity to reteach what a scientist does!  I put together this book for students to use in our experiment and am so excited to use it next week when I teach apples!  First students observe what happens when an apple is left out in the open air. Students then make predictions about which liquid will work best to keep the apple from getting brown-water, apple juice, lemon juice, or milk. Students check on the apples and record data three times before analyzing their data and coming to a conclusion.
Want to do this activity in your classroom?  Click on any of the pictures to purchase your own copy of the book for just $1!

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