March Currently

Wow--I've neglected this little blog for so long!  I've been really good about taking pictures of everything I do this year, but then I just never get around to posting them!  I really need to work on that!

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for March Currently. 

Listening: Oh Bubble Guppies...your cheerful enthusiasm drives me crazy some days, but my oldest loves you!  I don't mind so much when he comes and tells me that the cheetah is the fastest land animal.  At least he's learning something! :)

Loving: We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday (Sunday) and most of the roads are fine.  I teach in a suburban/rural district so we had a 2 hour delay today to give some of the back roads a little more time to get cleared.  That extra sleep time was crucial to my sanity today!  My 8 month old had a horrible head cold all weekend and would only sleep when being held/rocked in a recliner, so I didn't get much sleep!  He seems to be doing much better now, though.

Thinking:  I've had a student teacher for about 5 weeks now, and today she won't be at school because of a required class she needs to attend at the university.  I have to teach ALL.BY.MYSELF.  I don't know if I remember how to do it on my own!!  ;)

Wanting: For spring weather to arrive.  Enough said!!

Needing: I need to get back on my T-25 workout routine!  I was just starting to see changes in my body when life got in the way with sick kids, I got sick, and life got busy!  I really need to get back into that!!

Spring Break plans:  I don't have any major plans.  Hopefully I'll just get to enjoy some extra time at home with my boys and maybe the weather will be nice enough to play outside or head to the zoo.  (I can hope, right???)


  1. T-25, I've been thinking about doing that! I have been doing the DailyBurn workouts for about 6 weeks now, and I'm not so intimidated by them anymore. I've been trying to lose this baby weight for almost a year now (she is 14 months), and it just won't budge!
    Enjoy your kids - my son used to love Bubble Guppies, but now he is 5 and thinks he is grown, so he watches shows like Henry Danger and The Thundermans:)
    Happy Monday!
    Technology Timeout

    1. I know the feeling - I think half of my baby weight is still from when I had my 3 year old! :)

  2. I think we are all ready for spring! Enough of the snow. Yay for a delay for you. That isn't a common thing around here so I never taught in a district that had that. I actually had to look up what it even means a few weeks ago. That would be an awesome way to catch up on sleep but still get in a school day so you don't have to make it up. Have a great week!!

    Sara J Creations

  3. I bought T-25 and even put one of the DVD's in to check it out. However I have yet to actually do one of the I need to get on track and quit making excuses. Do you like it? I got it since it was only 25 min and that is part of my excuse that I don't have time. I am ready for spring too! The zoo with your boys sounds like fun. Enjoy your week!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. I do like it! I'm really bad at working out, but T-25 has 5 different workouts (actually 10 because there is the Beta after the Alpha program) so I have enough variety to not get bored and it's only 25 minutes so I can't really use the unmotivated excuse. I really feel it after doing it...and when everyone is healthy enough for me to do it consistently I really notice results!