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How do you celebrate your teammates birthdays and Christmas?  I've taught at several different schools and each team had different traditions.  At one school, we each handmade a gift for our teammates from something inspired by Pinterest.  At another school, we bought each other gifts for $10 or less.   I am the type of person that gets a little stressed out when buying or creating gifts - I want to get each person the perfect gift but let's be realistic - I have two little boys at home and I don't have time to hunt for the perfect gift!  

Enter my current school.  Previously, we've always ordered in lunch (Jimmy Johns) on birthdays.  We split the cost of the birthday girl's lunch between the rest of us.  This was always fun, but it was a management nightmare to whoever was tapped to collect the orders, collect the money (and give change!), and order lunch by 10:30.  One of my other teammates and I have always had a great relationship where instead of hand making something, or stressing over the perfect Christmas gift under $10,  we randomly pick up coffee, or buy them a favorite candy bar, or pick up some post-its in their favorite color.  It's great to randomly get a little gift and it really just makes your day!  

This year, I have two new teammates (out of 4 total, so half my team is new!).  Since we don't know our new teammates inside and out quite yet, I put together a quick little survey about their likes so we can start surprising them with little gifts!  

Click on the picture to download your own copy of this survey for your teammates!

How do you celebrate your teammates birthdays and other special events??

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