Creepy Carrots

Have you read this book?  It might be my favorite book to read in October.  It could be read any time throughout the year, but something about October - the longer nights, the excitement (and spookiness!) of Halloween - makes me feel like I should read this book in October.  The suspense of this book, along with the awesome illustrations, has made it a favorite of my students.  Since we loved it so much, I designed an entire unit around it!

Students made their own "creepy carrots" using only paper, scissors, and glue.  How amazing did these guys turn out????  

We worked a lot with some of the great vocabulary in this book.  Passion, sinister, and approach are just a few of the ones we worked with.  I love this students sentence using the word passion.  I'm right there with you, honey!

We made our own plans to catch the creepy carrots!

Last-and what might have been my students favorite activity - we played "roll a creepy carrot" with the following game board!  It was so funny to see how they all turned out.  

Want this unit (with even more activities than just pictured) for your own classroom?  

Click on the picture below or on the following link: 

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