November Currently

Linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my favorite link up!

Listening: Yes, we are watching the 1:00 browns game at 9:30.  My husband needed to spend some extra time at the office and DVR'd the Browns game.  I don't have the heart to tell him that I know they lost. (Someone posted the score on Facebook).

Loving: My children were HOT MESSES today.  We were out of town visiting my in-laws yesterday/last night so no one slept well last night, combined with the time change, it was a disaster of an afternoon/evening.  Both my children were in bed over an hour early, which meant I got a little bit of extra quiet time tonight!

Thinking: I've been planning a central Ohio TpT meetup for this upcoming Saturday!  I'm hoping it goes smoothly and that it is worthwile for those attending!

Wanting: Daylight Savings Time...just go away!  It was pitch black at 6:00 tonight!

Needing: I'm normally almost finished with my Christmas shopping by now but have only one bought yet this time!  Time to get moving on that Christmas list!

Yummy: My son has SUCH a full bag of Halloween candy...but I must resist eating some of it!!


  1. Daylight savings is definitely getting me down as well! I hate how dark it got and how I'm going to feel so "off" this week. Well wishes for your TPT meet up. I've never been to one before but have always wanted to! I'm sure it will be a great time :)

    Paiges of Learning

  2. I admire that you already have any Christmas shopping done already. My sister informed me that there are 49 days left and I have nothing done : (. I may just eat some of our Halloween candy to help me forget about that. Have fun at your TpT meet up. It will be amazing!

  3. It is so hard when kids get off schedule! My little one is seriously exhausted. Good luck with your TPT meet up. Sounds like fun :)


  4. I am SO behind on my Christmas shopping too! I am usually almost completely finished... and I have barely begun! I feel your pain!
    Curriculum and Coffee